How To Draw A Many Cartoon Hero

Draw a Many Cartoon Hero

Draw a Many Cartoon Hero

The mainframe for the cartoon hero the size of this beach is similar to building a hero, but I put him in swimsuits to show how to draw his body with cool drawing ideas. Add a cape and some tights, and you have a superhero. You can turn him into Superman or even Spiderman.

This guy has some traits that are common to tough human characters. He had a big chest, big shoulders, and big hands. He also has a tiny waist.

When filling his arms, pay careful attention to the curves. These make up his shape and muscles. You want your cartoon hero to look handsome, not lumpy!

Draw a Cartoon Hero Body – Draw legs

Draw the legs of the hero of the cartoon, again carefully to get the right properly curving shape. These curved lines make him strong. The expansive posture also looks heroic and helps to balance his shoulders.

Draw a Many Cartoon Hero

Then completed the body, adding simple curved lines to make the details of her neck, chest, and abdominals.

Draw Cartoon Hero – Details and Faces

The muscular cartoon superhero body is almost complete. More detail lines are drawn to give his legs some meaning, and his shorts some wrinkles. Notice the fists are made of simple lines going in round hands.

Draw a Many Cartoon Hero

To start his face, place his eyes in the center of his face. A-line half the way further down for his nose and his mouth below that. We left enough room for his chin to be solid and square. Heavy, though!

Cartoon Hero – Finishing Character

Complete the hero character’s face by adding simple lines for his eyelids, eyebrows, dimple, and lower lip. Her hair is just pointing lines. Notice all points point in the same direction (on the right).

Draw a Many Cartoon Hero

Adding some thickness to the detail lines will help to make them more defined.

Cartoon Hero in Color – The Finished Superhero

The cartoon hero or superhero character is almost complete. As always, I wanted to enlarge the character outline and add some color. Now we have our Handsome Punk Hero!

Draw a Many Cartoon Hero
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