Hair Coloring Myths and facts: Read before Coloring your hair

Hair Coloring Myths

Many people have this tendency to assume things without having proper evidence. While hair coloring service looks fancy, many people restrict themselves to try it out because they are scared. What they don’t know is the power that comes with quirky hair colors. Hence we have brought to you the myths and facts along with some tips to maintain your colored hair. 

Top myths about hair coloring with their debunked fact

Myths have existed ever since the concept of hair coloring came to town. This results in many people abstaining from hair color because they are scared. We are here to bursts some myths urging you to calm down and explore yourself. 

1. Myth: Hair coloring would damage the hair quality completely

This is a very common myth that people have considering that there are already enough things to damage the hair. Even though coloring the hair makes it go through a little chemical treatment, the hair is weak initially. That is why it may look damaged. But with time and proper care, it comes back even better within two to three weeks. 

2. Myth: Colored hair loses the natural shine

No idea why this remains a myth since it does the opposite. If anything hair color adds a shine to the existing hair strands. To maintain the hair color you need to use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. This will give you shine and luster. 

3. Myth: Your hair would lose volume after coloring

There is a possibility that you may suffer from hair fall. But that is in extreme cases and if your hair was weak. However, make sure that you are not already having hair fall then you should avoid coloring your hair until it settles down. 

4. Myth: Washing hair just after coloring is fine

If you want to get rid of all the color that you just put, then yes wash it after you have just colored your hair. It will strip away the color immediately and give you a faded look along with the bleach color coming out. 

5. Myth: It is important to dye the eyebrows to match new hair color

While it is the new trend, coloring your eyebrows if you color your hair is not mandatory. Your eyebrows can have your natural color or you can dye it a different color considering the contrast.  

6. Myth: Dyed hair does not look natural

This myth only stands true if you color your hair purple or blue or green. Either way, it looks natural if people didn’t already know it isn’t. the color gradually comes down to your strands. If you color your hair completely then there is no reason to believe that the hair color is not natural. 

7. Myth: Buying special color-protecting shampoos is not that necessary

Your hair has another layer of color that can easily strip away hence it is important to buy color-protecting shampoo to save your color on your strands. The color will eventually fade but with the color-protecting shampoo, you will make it last longer. 

Tips for maintaining your colored hair properly

Now that you have managed to color your hair in this amazing color you selected, it is now important to take care of them. Managing colored hair is not a herculean task but it does take a little work. Below mentioned are some of the tips that will give you an extra boost to manage your hair. 

Use dry shampoo options

Keep your hair away from water as much as you can in the initial days. Dry shampoo does wonders for the air in these situations. It helps you clean the scalp and keep it fresh without ruining the color. 

Do not wash your hair with shampoo products too often

It will simply strip away the color from your hair and leave it faded and dry. Hence wait for at least a week before shampooing your hair. 

Keep the showering temperature lukewarm or cold

Hot water is the enemy of your hair. It will internally damage your hair and make it brittle. What’s worse is, it will instantly fade your color and make it look dead on the outside. Hence always opt for cold water or lukewarm water for best results. 

Buy deep conditioning treatment to ensure the luster of colored tresses

Regardless of your hair is colored or not, you should deep condition your hair at least twice a week. This will give your hair the necessary protein and help it heal.

Using conditioners after hair wash is crucial 

This is always. Conditioner gives your hair a smoothness which reduces hair breakage by a huge margin. It will additionally give your hair a boost and keep it healthy.

Reasons to go for professional hair colorists

Book your hair coloring appointment through your hair salon app because of the following reasons.

  • Provides customized looks for clients 
  • Professionals can provide full-coverage coloring help
  • They would offer multiple options 
  • They would guide you on the right color maintenance tips


Taking good care of your hair regardless of it being colored is very important. Sustaining color is also equally important since it is now a part of your identity. These tips will help you to sustain your hair color for longer. Additionally give you an extra boost in your hair to get long, luscious, and shiny healthy hair. Therefore use your hair stylist scheduling app and make an appointment to get the quirkiest color without being worried. 

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