5 reasons you may regret not having your wedding gown preserved

wedding gown preservation

One of the main reasons why some brides don’t get their wedding gowns cleaned and preserved after the wedding day is due to innocent procrastination. So, it has nothing to do with the cost of the preservation process or the complexity of the process. Once the wedding is over, the newlyweds get busy with their life and charting a new course together. Hence, the wedding dress probably ends up in a cheap plastic bag in the closet. It ends up being in the list of things that need attention, but that gets delayed and pushed lower and lower in the list of things to do as holiday trips, furniture buying, and other things in life start getting more priority. However, here are a few reasons why wedding gown preservation should be your top priority.

Top reasons why wedding gown preservation can’t wait!

  • You may want to sell it or let someone wear it: Let’s face it, not all brides share the same level of excitement about it being a tangible memory of one of the most important moments of their life. Some may eventually decide to let someone else in the family – another bride-to-be, wear it as their wedding dress or may even decide on selling it off. Designer wedding gowns are quite expensive, and thus many choose to opt for pre-owned and preserved gowns for their wedding. Thus, opting for a professional cleaning and preservation service significantly ups your chances of getting greater returns on the dress.
  • Stains set in with each passing day: Most wedding gowns are made up of organic fibers such as cotton, chiffon, or silk, and thus they are susceptible to breakage or decay over time. Moreover, the destructive properties of sweat, sugar stains, dirt, and body oils complicate matters even more. Thus, most renowned gown cleaning and wedding gown preservation companies offer restoration services for stubborn stains. The service is not only cost-effective but also completely safe for delicate dresses as wedding gowns.
  • Wedding dress may turn yellow over time: Apart from the nasty stains that turn unsightly over time, the biggest reason for opting for a thorough cleaning and preservation process is to save the gown from turning yellow. What once looked white and bright, would slowly lose the shine, and start looking dull and yellow. This typically happens when the gown is left untreated and hanging. Wedding gown preservation companies have a dedicated anti-yellowing process that restores the dress to its original, pristine white form and helps it stay so for the foreseeable future.
  • An opportunity to share your cherished keepsake: It is true that most individuals opting for wedding gown cleaning and preservation are new brides, but sometimes, women who’ve had their wedding long back, also choose to get their gowns cleaned and preserved so as to turn the gown into an heirloom – perfect for their children and grandchildren. However, such gowns need a careful and thorough gown restoration service because of the neglect they’ve been through over the years, before the cleaning and preservation process.
  • An opportunity to honor your memory: We’ve often come across gowns that are left untreated for 40-50 years. Sometimes, would-be brides decide on wearing their grandmother’s wedding gown, mostly to honor their memory or because of it being a family heirloom. So, if you too are in love with your grandmother’s timeless wedding dress, feel free to connect with a wedding gown restoration and cleaning service.

Key takeaway

Regardless of how old the gown is, it’s never too late to settle for a wedding gown cleaning and preservation service. While it is better to send it to a wedding gown preservation service right after the big day, you can also opt for it later, only it would need a deep clean and some restorative treatment, before being preserved. It’s the only way of making sure that the gown stays in its true form even years later – a perfect heirloom to be passed on to the future generations.

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