Are three months being enough to prepare CA final test series?

CA Final Test Series

Are you dying to get the title of Chartered Accountant? Well then, the first step is to pass the CA Final exam. Through this test, the ideal candidates are selected to be the candidates of CA. If you have already done your selection process and you already have the CA Final Test Series in your hands, congratulations, you have already taken the first step!

Actually, 3 months are enough for a CA student who completed his/her syllabus for CA at least once. With the right choice of study plan, you can make your preparations within 3 months.

Do you realize that with CA Final Test Series you are organizing yourself super well for your CA exam? Well, also remember that when you are studying for each of them, a super important point is to have study techniques that help you understand one of them, better form the knowledge of each subject.

Create a Study Technique

Be careful, each study technique may be different by subject. Remember that everyone learns differently, so the most important thing is that you yourself feel comfortable and realize that you are advancing and assimilating the knowledge.

On the Internet, there are different sites that have simulators so that you can better know how the entrance exam you are going to take is going to be. Some universities even when you get the file for your exam, they offer you (for an extra cost) a simulator with the questions that can come in the test.

The CA Final Test Series is a tool aimed at students that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the platform and the online system for the CA Final exam. 

CA Test Series has created this CA Final Test Series a practice environment for the exam and to be able to exercise on questions from previous tests, that is, how to have a bank of referential questions, time and control the time available to perform and practice in the number of correct answers of the different exercises.

The format and interface used for the CA Final Test Series will be the same one used for the exam, it is not mandatory, but it is recommended to take advantage of the tool and practice in it.

CA Final Test Series is a very useful teaching method, applied to educational and evaluative purposes and provides the CA student with many advantages such as:

  • Avoid being surprised with the real exam, because the CA Final Test Seriesare made under the characteristics and conditions that the exam on the day of the evaluation, the students experiences the same situation as a real CA exam.
  • Response times can be measured and improved, with a certain number of questions there is a time limit for their response, the CA Final Test Seriesallow you to get an idea if you would completely finish your exam or how much time you need per question to do it.

It allows you to know academic strengths and weaknesses, when developing the exam in the CA Final Test Series is possible to know that you need to reinforce your knowledge and study precisely in the areas that are most difficult for you.

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