Your Comprehensive Guide To Custom Mugs

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In a hunt for a perfect custom mug? If yes, then let me tell you that customizing a mug is the best way to move forward. Custom mugs are known to be very effective when it comes to promoting a brand or business. Numerous businesses are available in the market that offers enhanced custom mugs printing services at an affordable price range. Other than the customization aspect of the mug, the most important thing is deciding on the design we want for the mug. Therefore, if you are new to custom mugs, this guide is just what you need to promote your business.


Why Do Businesses Need Custom Mugs?

As mentioned earlier, custom mugs are highly effective and efficient for promoting a business. The best aspect of custom mugs is that they can be used and reused as many times as needed, which means that every day a person wakes up and drinks a beverage, the name of the business is the first thing they see.

Further, they are an excellent alternative for plastic or paper cups that can be used just once; after that, they are nothing but a waste hazard for society and the environment as a whole. One must be definite about the custom mug’s style, material type, size, and color before making the final decision about the personalized mug. In addition, a business needs to consider the taste of people who will be getting the cup.

Marketing and promoting a brand through custom mugs is not something new, and businesses have been using it for decades. These mugs have stuck around for so long because there are numerous perks of handing out promotional mugs with the business logo on them.

Everybody loves getting free stuff no matter how rich or poor one might be, and this is why most customers prefer custom mugs over other mediums of advertising and promotion. In addition, studies show that 80% of people choose to pass along promotional products if they do not want them for themselves. This enables the business to expand its reach and facilitate better growth and revenue generation.    

Who Uses Custom Mugs?

The most important thing to consider before moving forward with promoting the business with custom mugs a business needs to consider the type of customers they are targetting. These custom mugs are ideal for being used in gatherings, reunions, and in some cases, even parties. On the contrary, certain types of businesses, such as the insurance business or even service centers, can gift custom mugs to their customers to encourage them to do more business with the company in the future. Customs mugs are also great for being handed out to someone as a gift of appreciation. One can add a special message or picture to the cup to give a personal touch. Businesses can purchase custom mugs in bulk quantities to avail discounted price rates and leverage custom mugs cheap to promote the business.

Types Of Materials Used To Make Custom Mugs

Choosing the suitable material for custom mugs is very important as it can make much more difference than one might think. Different materials have different qualities, which means that the levels of durability for each of these materials are also different. Further, the material used can also influence the price of the custom mugs. Therefore, let us take a look at the other materials used in custom mugs.

  • Ceramic: Custom mugs made with ceramics can be highly durable and reasonably affordable compared to other materials. Further, ceramics can be easily molded into different shapes and sizes with ease.
  • Glass: Even though glasses are not as durable as other materials, glass custom mugs showcase a unique classy look that is difficult to achieve with any other material. As the glass is transparent, one can show off their cool beverages while drinking them.
  • Stainless Steel: Custom mugs made of stainless steel are also very durable. The best characteristic of this material is that it can keep the beverage warm for a much more extended time. Further, these stainless steel mugs, double-wall insulation, or vacuum are more effective in keeping the beverage warm.
  • Acrylic: If you need a durable custom mug material that weighs very little, then acrylic custom mugs are ideal. Further, this material features a unique texture and look.
  • Metal: Need a custom mug for outdoor events such as camping or trekking? Always choose the metal custom mugs as these are very durable, and barely anything can break them.
  • Wheat Straw: These custom mugs are a perfect choice for people who care about the environment as these wheat straw mugs are manufactured from recycled plastic water bottles.  
  • Copper: Customs mugs made copper are equipped with copper insulation that effectively keeps the beverage warm for several hours.
  • Silicone: Do you spill your beverages frequently? Then custom mugs made of silicone are the ideal choice. The material offers an extra grip that reduces the chances of spilling the beverage.
  • Plastic: Custom mugs made with plastic are solid and durable. But that’s, not all plastic mugs are available in numerous styles and designs while also being available in the market at a very affordable range of pricing.

Different Sizes Of Custom Mugs

Size is a significant factor to consider when buying custom mugs either for personal or promotional usage. Therefore, these are sizes available in the market.

  • 4 -10 Ounces: Custom mugs of this size are ideal for sipping caffeine in small dosages similar to espresso shots.
  • 11-15 Ounces: This is the most commonly used and trendy size of custom mugs ideal for our everyday cup of hot beverage for refreshment.
  • 16-20 Ounces: If one requires a little more beverage than the usual quantity, then this is the perfect sized custom mug for them.
  • 21-25 Ounces: This is an ideally sized mug for sipping our favorite beverages because of the huge size of this custom mug.


Handing out promotional products like custom mugs is a tried and tested marketing strategy that has been around for a long time now. However, it is not just about promotional uses; but one can even give it as a gift with customized custom mugs photos to their loved ones. So what are you waiting for? Just search custom mugs near me and get going.

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