Walk-in Shower Cubicles UK and Wet Rooms – What’s Better?

Walk in shower cubicles

Walk-in shower cubicles UK, and wet rooms have become the number one choice of homeowners who want to add a touch of luxury and lavishness to their bathrooms. These contemporary showers serve as the best option if you seek to indulge a sense of space and openness into your bathroom design.

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Despite their minimalistic design, these showers determine the entire style and theme of your bathroom. Whether you are a young, energetic individual or belong to a later age, these showers provide easy and hassle-free access to all types of people.

Wet rooms and walk-in shower cubicles should be your only preference if you plan a bathroom remodel or wish to design your room from scratch.

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Walk-in Shower Cubicles UK

If you have a standard-sized bathroom that doesn’t have enough room to accommodate a bathtub, walk-in shower cubicles can be the best experience. Having a minimalistic shower tray without any doors, you can simply walk in without any hassle. In terms of style and showering experience, these cubicles might be the best you have ever used.

Advantages of Shower Cubicles UK

There are the following advantages of shower cubicles UK.

Perfect for small and compact bathrooms – Walk-in shower cubicles make it easier for you to organize your bathroom, as they don’t utilize much space.

Ease of use – These showers eliminate the hassle of doors, making them extremely convenient to access compared to other shower enclosures.

No maintenance requirement – As there are no sliding or pivot doors attached, the walk-in shower cubicles require the least amount of maintenance than all of their counterparts.

Wet Rooms Shower Cubicles UK

It is one step further from walk-in shower cubicles UK. Wet rooms are entirely open. Unlike shower cubicles, they require no shower tray. The showering area is slightly inclined so as to make water rush towards the drain without letting you feel the tilt.

In case of a congested bathroom where you have installed a toilet or any other fixture nearby, you can install a glass panel to prevent any water spatter. Otherwise, you might not need a separate panel for the job.

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Hassle-free access – Wet rooms are designed to provide the easiest way to access the shower. This makes it ideal for elderly people who otherwise have a hard time bathing in a cubicle.

Flexibility in style – Due to their minimalistic design, you have the complete flexibility and authority to style your bathroom the way you prefer.

Luxurious outlook – Nothing adds luxury and lavishness to your bathroom better than a wet room. They are contemporary and stylish, just what you would want for your modernistic household.

Flexible Design Option – Another great advantage of a wet room is that nothing else gives you more design options. It is because that these are made of different screens that can be installed in many ways. It can be incredibly helpful for spaces with odd layouts. So, you can alter it as per your specific requirements. 

How do they Differ?

There is not a big gap between the two. However, they largely differ from traditional shower cubicles. Unlike others, walk-in shower cubicles and wet rooms aren’t completely enclosed. Rather they consist of a single glass panel that separates the showering area from the rest of the bathroom.

Whether it is a walk-in shower cubicle or wet room, both enhance the style and theme of the bathroom. They portray a sense of openness and accessibility that bathtubs and other forms of showers cannot create.

Which One is Better?

Placing one over the other in terms of which one is the best would do justice to the other. Both showers add convenience, luxury, style, and sophistication to the bathroom or en-suite.

Wet rooms are completely open, allowing you to enter straight into the shower. I kept the shower bed lower than the rest of the bathroom floor to let the water flow right into the drain. I usually fit them with a glass panel to prevent the spraying of water outside the designated area.

On the other hand, walk-in shower cubicles comprise a shower tray and over one glass panel. Still, there are no doors or curtains attached that separate the shower from the bathroom.

 Looking For Walk-in Shower Cubicles UK

In this article, we have compared walk in shower cubicles the UK and wet rooms. Both can be a significant addition to your bathroom, depending on your specific needs and requirements. At Turin Bathrooms UK, we have an extensive range of fittings and fixtures. You can check our website for the best deals for your bathroom makeover. With Delta coronavirus spreading vast, vaccination is only the best protection against this virus. Therefore, make sure that you and everyone around you get the vaccination as early as possible. 

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