5 SEO Tricks that Can Help You Increase Your SERP Rank


Buying a domain and hosting your website on that is not the end of your company’s digital footprint. Give your company the exposure that it deserves, use proper tools that will help search engines to understand the value of your content, and provide a better ranking to your website.

Proper search engine optimization helps in defining your search intent. It makes the browser understand the exact content of the website. The bots used by Google to crawl the search engines, help determine if the visitor would like to view these contents and if something different is being provided to them or not. Popular search engines like Google and Safari use customized algorithms that effectively sort the content of varying websites. This helps ensure that visitors get nothing but the best. The algorithms keep changing with variations in demand, making it even harder for websites to maintain a definite SEO ranking.

There are not many ways in which the rank of a website can be maintained effectively, you need to put in efforts consistently. Your primary focus while doing SEO should be centered around creating content that simplifies the search intent.

Here, we will be considering ways that help in improving the SEO rank of a website in the simplest ways.

Simple SEO Tricks to Help Improve Your Rank:

The following ways will ensure to provide your website a rank that will help in improving your SEO ranking.

  • Choose a fitting URL – Naming a website is one of the toughest jobs while making a website. Usually, it consists of the company’s name, but if it is not available, the name and URL should consist of words related to your business or services.

Here, you need to have a clear-cut idea of what you do and who you want as your customer. This prevents unwanted traffic and leads to the growth of the business as your content only reaches out to the target customers. Also, the URL should not be too long and should be clean, without any special characters and hashtags.

  • Create titles and descriptions for every page – A website might consist of different pages which are portraying different aspects of your business. However, it’s the title and description that play a crucial role in its development. The title enables the reader to understand the content of that page at a glance and if it is something that he was looking for then the description will provide the idea in brief.
  • Use anchor texts – It is not always helpful in providing in-depth information about particular things on a web page. It can make the content unnecessarily long making it boring for the reader. This is where anchor texts are used, which are basically links to other pages that consist of detailed content. Anchor texts make way for those readers who want to know something in detail. These links help the browser think that the content is essential as other pages are linked.
  • Use backlinks – Backlinks are links that connect two or more web pages, and these are very powerful in increasing the SEO rank of a website. Backlinks can be in the form of internal or external links. Internal links help connect other pages of your website, while external links are used to connect third-party websites. When different sites link their content with your web pages, it contributes most to the SEO rank.
  • Put proper keywords – Keywords are certain words or phrases that are organically placed within the content and are used as markers by the web crawlers to understand the quality of the content of the webpage. Proper keywords are essential as it helps in targeting a particular group of people who are best fitted for the product or service. Depending on the number of times specific keywords are searched, the ranking of a website may vary. If a keyword is searched and your content ahs that, your web page’s chances of a higher SEO ranking are higher.


SEO rank is significant when it comes to creating a digital footprint for your company. Following the above guidelines will help you reach a basic level of search engine optimization without any expert’s help.

Now that you know, we hope and understand that all you can easily leverage SEO rankings in Google’s SERP. 

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